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Cornelia Parker



2019-2020年 オーストラリア現代美術館(MCA)でのエキシビジョンの図録。 このMCAの展覧会では、大規模なインスタレーション、刺繍、紙の作品、ビデオ作品、小規模な彫刻やオブジェクトの選択など、Parker のこれまでのキャリアから40以上のアートワークを紹介します。 One of the most important women artists working today, Cornelia Parker OBE is known for her transformation of everyday objects into unexpected, haunting scenarios. In the artist’s hands domestic and familiar items are exploded, shot, turned back to front, and rearranged in often surprising ways. Working with sculpture and installation, as well as drawing, photography and film, Parker positions her subjects at the very moment of their transformation, suspended in time and completely still. Cornelia Parker is the first major survey exhibition of the artist’s work in the Southern Hemisphere. This Sydney-exclusive exhibition will feature over 40 artworks from across the artist’s career, including large-scale installations, embroideries, works on paper, video works, and a selection of small-scale sculptures and objects. Editor/Curator Rachel Kent ハードカバー 27x20.5cm 156ページ 英語 2019年